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How Long Has God Been Asking You To Do Something??

Do you struggle daily??  What  are you struggling at??

I do…. I never know how to go threw out the day! I sit stressing about how messy my house is and how my refrigerator is empty! Making list after list of what needs done, not knowing where to start! researching on Pinterest on how to clean my house and how to be more organized!!

Then I sit on my butt, not accomplishing anything I know that needs to be done…

Do you do this? Or is it just me!?


I gave my life to Jesus Christ August of 2015!!! I was sitting on my sisters couch getting ready to be going threw a divorce!! As I was sitting there not knowing what to do, I prayed, asking God to lead me and lead my marriage where He wanted it to be!! I was done and giving up on everything! So I placed it in Gods hands! With out even knowing it, God lead us back together and lead me to His Word!! He changed  my heart and kept me focused on Him!!

Anyways, I’m getting off track..

In 2016 I started getting up at 5am, when everyone was still asleep, to spend time with Jesus Christ, because that is what the Holy Spirit was leading me to do!!

Do you remember me telling you I struggled threw out the days stressing and not getting anything done?

Well after putting God first on my heart.. He took the stress and heartache off and had the Holy Spirit lead me threw the day!

If I seen the dishes needed done, I done it…

If I seen the laundry getting behind, I started a load…

I continued to let the Holy Spirit lead me.. I was Joyful with out stress, Focusing On what was right in the Lords eyes!

I stopped writing my list! I stopped looking on Pinterest for answers!




I  stopped…

Stopped following the Holy Spirit…

Stopped starting my day with Jesus Christ!!!

So then, My stress came back…

Me making  lists came back…

My messy house came back…

I started getting behind, and most of all I started Disobeying God!


A few days ago, I sat in my chair, Just miserable inside, and OVERWHELMED!!! I put my phone down and opened my Bible study!

Through that God Spoke straight to my heart!! Giving me an example of Soloman and how he picked and choosed what part part of Gods word he was going to obey, so there where consequences for him doing that. In the Bible study it gave me a Bible verse, to write down…

And we know that all things  work together for good to them that Love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28)

So I got a notebook from off my desk! I opened it up and turned to a List I wrote in 2012!!!!

On the Top of that it had 5:30am- Time with the Lord!!!! What???? SO GOD HAS BEEN ASKING ME FOR 6 YEARS TO GET UP AT 5am  TO FOCUS ON HIM???? Where have I been and Why am I STILL struggling with it???

God has shown me His blessing if I Obey!!! A Peaceful day following the Holy Spirit! Simply by Obeying Him, getting up at 5am, and building my relationship with Him!!!

Is there something God Is asking you to do right now??? What is it??? Pray, Ask God for the desire and knowledge to do exactly what He wants you to do!

God has a plan for us, if we trust and Obey we will experience His Blessings!!!

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Faithful N Blessed,

Candace Anders

Trust Jesus Not the GPS!

Before I left to go visit some family I had not seen in a long time. I got my GPS, off my cell phone and typed their address in. My GPS usually gives me two or three routs to choose from.

I was not in any hurry, so I chose the longest route which was a very straight path and I got to my destination without any trouble.

After visiting my family at the end of the day, I got my GPS again to select the route that I wanted to lead me home. It was late, dark, and I was ready to get home. So I chose the “fastest” route, even thought It was curvy and had lots of turns. As I was driving, I was not paying any attention to the GPS. I lost service to my cell phone, which means the GPS stopped working!

I pulled over, realizing I had passed my turn and had gone a few blocks to far. I was an hour away from home and had no clue how to get there…. I was freaking out, but not showing it for the sake of the kids in the back seat! So I prayed and asked God to have the GPS work and lead me home.

After I reset the GPS God had answered my prayer. He done what seemed impossible to the world. He made the GPS work, with no problems and no service, the rest of the way home.

Threw all this I had a few blessing. This incident got me thinking about my walk with God.


  •  Blessing 1… I realized, sometimes the devil will show me a road that seams “faster” to get to where I’m going, so  through that he can side tract me and make me stumble and fall in my walk with Jesus. Gods way may not be the easy/fastest way BUT it is the Right way.  Like Jesus, Him being crucified so we may be forgiven, was not the way Jesus wanted it to be and it was not the easy way! And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. (Matthew 26:39)
  • Blessing 2… when I go down the wrong road, that leads me farther away from God, I can pray and ask God for forgiveness and for Him to lead down the road he wants me to go (the right road). He will be right there beside me to pick me up and help me change my ways. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:6)
  • Blessing 3… I realized, I am to trust and follow Jesus Christ to lead me where I am supposed to be in my walk with him and where I am wanting to go (Heaven), just like I do with the GPS. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and  lean not unto thine own understanding. (proverbs 3:5)

Did God speak to you threw my story? Is he Trying to get your attention? Have you fallen away from Him? Don’t worry, He is forgiving, He will take your hand and lead you, you just have to give Him your WHOLE heart and have Him lead you. There is a key to this! Shockingly it is not only praying, It is reading His Word, (The Bible) I prefer KJV! His word will save you and teach you!

You say you cant understand! Just keep reading!!!!! Don’t give up!!!!! Read and highlight what you do understand, I bet you will be surprised at how much you will understand! If you don’t understand a verse, read it twice, if you still don’t understand, Go on that’s probably just not what God want’s you to understand YET! Remember DONT GIVE UP!!! ( If Jesus gave up on the cross, We would not be able to be saved!)


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-Candace Anders,  faithful n blessed blog