About Me

Hello, My name is Candace… I’m learning how to be a wholehearted follower of Jesus Christ, a Choir Director, a wife, and a mother to three boys. I am saying learning because I am not perfect and will always have more things to learn in theses areas of my life. Things I like the most in life are read my Bible, Going to church, making crafts, and learning new things. I am not good at anything that involves spelling, grammar, or writing. So you are most likely wondering why I Blogging… well that answer is simple. I’m starting to blog because I feel God has put it heavy on my heart to share my blessings. Witch a blessing to me is anything that will get me walking straight to the Promised Land and being more like Jesus! I have no idea why He wants me to do such a silly thing that involves me writing, BUT I trust my LORD to do with it as He has planned and to give me the words to say/type! Wither this blog is for others out there around the world or simply for me to get closer to God. Either way I know God is POWERFUL, LOVEING, and TRUSTWORTHY!!